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When you are passionate about what you do, the world knows it!!

I met Jessica at the tradeshow in Tennessee.  I was suffering from hair loss and really bad eczema.  I wanted to buy some products to help and she refused to sell me her items on display.  At first, I was upset and then she said to me: "The goal is to get to the root of your condition, not mask the symptoms."  She did a thorough assessment, created a meal plan and products, then walked me through the ENTIRE process!!!  My hair is healthy, my skin is healing, and I'm confident again!!  

-Lorraine A.

I have never felt so liberated in my life!!!  The Purposefully Driven Meditation sessions are the best thing since sliced bread!!  Thank you for assisting me throughout my journey!

-Ashley S.

Many people didn't know what I was going through.  They only saw what I wanted them to see.  I was emotionally and spiritually drained, this took a toll on my health.  Jessica worked with me for six months.  She's such a blessing.  She provided motivation, encouragement, healthier choices, etc.  I'm off of my meds, lost my beer belly, and am at peace with myself and my family.


Thanks for supporting me. You know, I never considered positive words, enthusiastic statements or motivational speaking because they are unrealistic and are not down in the core.  They never helped with solutions.  But when such words and actions, when they come from Jessica, they resonate with me.  At least for refocusing to divert my efforts to other areas...  Life was so harsh, it seemed.  Jessica is making it easier to see that my grass is greener than I believed.  Talk about a transformation!!


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