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Chakra Cleansing Meditation

  • 1 hour 15 minutes
  • 30 US dollars
  • To be discussed

Service Description

Chakras are the energy centers in the body that align with the spine, each one governing various organs or regions of the body. Whenever something is out of whack, we can usually clear it up within our chakras. Let me make it a bit more relative... Tires spin in order to keep our vehicles in motion. In the event that we have a flat, we are stuck on the side of the road. What caused the tire to go flat? A nail, balding of the tires from needing an alignment? We can't move until the tire is fixed or swapped with a spare. Our chakras operate the same way. These meditations last an hour and fifteen minutes focusing on clearing and balancing all seven chakras. Not in one session; that would be quite overwhelming. I recommend one session per week. You will be given a guide to follow for the time during and after to prepare for your next session. Single session: $30 Bundled: $150

Contact Details

+ 484-466-5743


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