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I know you guys are probably saying "What in the world..." or some other expletive lol!!  Don't be afraid lol...  That picture is liquid gold!!!  Let me introduce you to Blackstrap Molasses!!  It helps stop breakage, adds shine, promotes healthy hair and scalp...  You know that gray hair that popped up out of nowhere?  This mixture can also help to darken it naturally.  


This is a component of a three part system: Revitalizing Deep Conditioner, Rejuvenating Shampoo, and Stimulating Hair Oil.  Unlike other conditioners, this is used BEFORE you shampoo!!  Best on damp hair.  Part hair in sections and apply to scalp.  Cover with shower cap or bag.  I like to sit under a hooded dryer for about an hour for maximum effects (optional).  This is a very thick mixture that settles, SO shake or stir well!!  It gets messy too, but it is soooo worth it!!  

Revitalizing Deep Conditioner

  • Blackstrap molasses, infused hemp seed oil, olive oil, vitamin e, argan oil, essential oils of rosemary, thyme

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Moksha Essentials specializes in customized orders that are made in small batches to ensure quality.  We guarantee that your item will be made with care and sent under the best conditions or we will replace it!

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