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Trouble with hair growth? This wonderful mixture was created to stimulate growth, while moisturizing your scalp and hair.

*WARNING* It is possible that this mixture will cause your scalp to itch with the first few applications, due to the detoxing of your scalp. This is normal!

Great for all hair types.  Especially natural!  Can be used on dry or wet hair. Shake well.  Apply at night and in the morning.  Be sure to brush, comb and/or massage into scalp and hair shaft to distribute properly!


Made with oils to prevent dandruff and increase hair growth for the ultimate revitalization of hair and scalp.

Hair Crack

  • Castor oil, olive oil, essential oils of lemongrass, rosemary, and lavender, vitamin E

  • ALL SALES ARE FINAL.  Moksha Essentials specializes in customized orders that are made in small batches to ensure quality.  We guarantee that your item will made be with care and sent under the best conditions or we will replace it!

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